Beach Banya

Discover how Balambico transformed Beach Banya's sauna experience by revolutionizing its online presence and operational efficiency.

Initial Challenge

Beach Banya sought to modernize its sauna services by implementing an efficient online booking system and digitizing its waiver signing process. Their existing website needed these functionalities, hampering their ability to provide a seamless experience to their patrons.


Client Objectives:

- Optimize Online Experience

- Automate Operations

- Improved Brand Representation


Delivered Results

Website Creation

New, user-friendly website




Enhanced Features


Local SEO



About Schwartz Beach Banya

Beach Banya blends Russian Banya traditions with modern science for a rejuvenating spa experience. It's the perfect retreat after a busy day, offering therapeutic benefits through water and heat, cleansing the body from within.


Enhanced User Experience:

  • The revamped website provided an engaging platform, significantly improving user satisfaction and engagement.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Integrating automated systems streamlined administrative tasks, optimizing operational efficiency for Beach Banya.

Website Creation:

  • Our team crafted a new, intuitive website, emphasizing an easy-to-use structure, captivating design, and specialized content tailored to Beach Banya's services.

Previous Website:


New Website:

Visit the website here:

Enhanced Features:

Website Revamp:

Balambico conducted a comprehensive website redesign, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that accurately represented the serene atmosphere of Beach Banya. The updated site prominently showcased their sauna offerings, simplifying navigation for visitors.

Automated Waiver System:

We introduced a computerized waiver signing feature, allowing visitors to conveniently sign waivers online before visiting. This eliminated paperwork and facilitated swift check-ins upon arrival.

Sauna Reservation System:

Our team developed a robust reservation platform enabling users to book sauna sessions effortlessly through the website. This intuitive interface empowered guests to select preferred dates and times with ease.



The partnership between Balambico and Beach Banya has successfully revolutionized the sauna experience. Through a website revamp and the implementation of automated reservation and waiver systems, Beach Banya now offers a seamless, user-friendly journey to its guests, solidifying its position as a premier sauna destination.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

At Balambico, we focus on refining our client's digital presence and enhancing operational efficiency. The collaboration with Beach Banya exemplifies our ability to tailor innovative digital solutions, ultimately improving customer experiences and business operations.

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