Red Pelican Website Redesign with Balambico's SEO Strategy

The Red Pelican Bar and Hookah Lounge is an exotic oceanfront hookah bar and lounge located on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. The goal is to increase sales and brand visibility.

Business Goals

- Build brand visibility organically. Potential monthly sales goal: 4X increase.

- Build a brand reputation by responding to customer reviews and questions online.



Delivered Results


Recorded Sales per Month




Monthly Online Reputation


Initial Challenge: Red Pelican's outdated online presence didn't reflect its charm or offerings. The existing website lacked essential information, modern design, and interactive features.

Red Pelican Bar & Hookah needed profitability metrics to reach sales goals. Additionally, they needed a website, social media presence, and listings on platforms like Yelp and Trip Advisor; we also needed to nurture their relationship with customers to grow their business.

Client Objectives:

  • Update the website to reflect the beauty of the beachfront location.
  • Provide detailed information on cocktail and hookah menus.
  • Rank Red Pelican on the first page of Google results.

Previous Website:


New Website:


Red Pelican Bar & Hookah reached its sales goals. Based on impressions, brand awareness is at 12.5k on average throughout the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk area.

Website Redesign:

  • We created a modern, attractive design capturing Red Pelican's essence.
  • Utilized high-quality images showcasing the seaside location and delicious cocktails and hookahs.
  • Implemented user-friendly navigation for quick access to information.

Balambico's SEO Strategy:

  • Conducted thorough keyword research and competitor analysis in the hookah and cocktail bar niche.
  • Optimized website content and meta tags to enhance search engine visibility.
  • Implemented strategic internal and external linking to strengthen site authority.

Enhanced Features:

  • Added an online reservation function for easy planning of visits.
  • Created a photo gallery showcasing Red Pelican's unique atmosphere.
  • Included a blog section for sharing news and special events.


Improved SEO Ranking:

Due to Balambico's SEO strategy, Red Pelican has significantly improved its search engine ranking, increasing organic traffic, reservations, and customers.

Enhanced Online Experience:

The new Red Pelican website effectively reflects the beauty and relaxed ambiance of the bar. Visitors can easily explore cocktail and hookah menus, make online reservations, and stay updated on special events.

Increased Customer Engagement:

With the online reservation feature and blog section in place, Red Pelican has experienced increased customer engagement and advanced reservations.

Positive Feedback: 

Customers have praised the new website for its attractive design and user-friendliness. They've highlighted that they can now experience the essence of Red Pelican before arriving at the venue.


The Red Pelican website redesign has successfully enhanced the online experience for its customers, promoted its coastal charm and hookah and cocktail offerings, and improved its search engine visibility through Balambico's SEO strategy now Red Pelican shows in the first Google page when people look for Hookah Lounge in Hollywood Fl.

For more details on this exciting project or your interest in updating your website and enhancing your online presence, don't hesitate to contact us.